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We wish you a good start into the year 2021 with many beautiful moments.
Florian Osswald, Katharina Stemann

The final presentation of a Waldorf student
Teachers, please pay attention! Here is a message for you from a young girl reflecting on a complex educational issue after twelve years of Waldorf Steiner school....
How are head and limbs connected?
“The First Teachers Course"* of 1919 is the basis of Waldorf Education. In this series of interviews, we ask one key question to Waldorf educators worldwide on each historical day of the course. Here are thoughts on day 10, from Martina Ivankovic, Psychologist and Waldorf Teacher in Chile
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The new paradigm: Do not fill the head, but awaken it through the whole Human being. How do we awaken the 'Sleeping Head Spirit' in the child?
Here are thoughts on “The First Teachers Course" from Mohamed Elmawazini from Egypt, Waldorf trained teacher and first Arabic translator of Steiner’s lectures, on day 11.
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How can education appeal to all the senses?
Here are thoughts on “The First Teachers Course" from André Volich on day 8, grade teacher at Viver Waldorf School of Bauru, Brazil.
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How can the power of feeling be strengthened in students and teachers?
Here are thoughts on “The First Teachers Course" from Marisa Nardini, class teacher and trainer from Argentina, on day 5.... more
Waldorf education and social justice
Neil Boland would like to focus on Waldorf education as an education for social justice, to explore how Rudolf Steiner phrased this a century ago and then consider how it can be approached in a twenty-first century context.
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The Metamorphosis of Clover acid and Formic acid
Suggestions for dealing with a curriculum statement by Rudolf Steiner on chemistry lessons in the 12th grade
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De-colonizing your curriculum - some tips for auditing
The Black Lives Matter movement has given us much to think about, as have Covid-19, Fridays for Future, #Me Too, 9/11, the digital age and globalization generally. Waldorf education is not hermetically sealed from the flow of time and social and cultural change
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Distance learning from the perspective of Waldorf learning theory
Given the current lockdown and the enforced need for distance learning at home, it is worth thinking about what the principles of learning are from a Waldorf perspective... more
Phenomenological approaches in physics lessons
The teaching of physics in Waldorf education has a phenomenological approach. This raises specific methodological and epistemological questions. Here you will find the article "Teaching Physics Phenomenologically" by Wilfried Sommer from 2019... more

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Online Conference for Waldorf Spanish Teachers

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International early years congress

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Goetheanum Adult Education program (GAEP)

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Whitsun Conference Waldorf Kindergarten

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