Newsletter Waldorf Resources #11

Dear Readers,

We are sending you our good thoughts, whether you are at home, on the balcony, or out a sunny walk. In the meantime, we are continuing our series of leading thoughts on the 'First Teachers Course'. This series of reflections on the foundations of Waldorf Education can be found here. With many wishes and stay healthy!

With many wishes and stay healthy!
Florian Osswald, Katharina Stemann

Day 6: Educating out of a deeper contemplation of life
Thoughts on 'The First Teachers Course'* from Urs Dietler
After developing the Foundations of Human Experience from a psychological point of view in the four previous days, Rudolf Steiner now on the sixth day changes perspective to contemplate the human being from a spiritual point of view...
Day 5: Feeling as the Harmonizing Dancer between Cognition and Will
Thoughts on 'The First Teachers Course'* from Ben Cherry
After focusing in depth on the polarity of cognition and will for the first few days of this course, Rudolf Steiner comes on the fifth day to feeling
... more
Day 4: Awakening the will towards wholeness
Thoughts on 'The First Teachers Course'* from Ellen Fjeld Koettker
The focus in Lecture Four is the education of the will and the feeling life
.. more
Day 3: How do new impulses come into the world?
Thoughts on 'The First Teachers Course'* from Prof. Dr. Jost Schieren
The evolution of nature, that has brought forth stones, plants, animals and humans, provides the basis for the development of freedom of human consciousness
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Disorders of attention and childhood activity (ADHD)
How do we find our way from a purely neuro-biological perspective to a fully human one? part 1... more
Three types of attention and activity disorders
We can distinguish three types of children who challenge our social system for very different reasons. Part 2.
.. more
With many ideas and suggestions on the topics 'distance learning' and 'teachers meetings'! A BLOG of the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum... more

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