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Dear colleagues,
The project Waldorf 100 has marked much of the activity; the cover of this
edition is adorned by one of the many carefully designed postcards, sent from every
school to every school, with several even finding their way to us at the Goetheanum.

Initial ideas for Waldorf 100 were shared in 2014 during a meeting of the International
Forum (The Hague Circle) in Israel. Impulses from this circle resulted in many of the conferences
planned for 2019:

- World Early Childhood Conference in Dornach, April 15 – 19, sold out
- 2nd International Training Weeks Kassel, April 1 – 18
- (Class) Teachers’ Conference in Bangkok, May 5 – 11
- Waldorf 100th Centenary Conference in Dornach, July 6 – 14

- International Research Days for Waldorf High School Teachers in Buenos Aires, July 15 – 19
- The International Stuttgart Conference 2019 in Stuttgart, September 7 – 10
- Final festival at the Tempodrom in Berlin, September 19

These celebrations do not detract from the question of what type of tasks will be demanded
of us in the future. We have picked out some of these tasks and included them in
various articles in the new journal No.65:
• Middle School
• The next generation of teachers
• Is the teacher profile changing?
• Are our teacher training courses still in keeping with the time?

Find all these articles here in the newsletter. The whole journal can be downloaded here.

With kind regards from the Pedagogical Section,
Dorothee Prange

Focus on the Middle School – Part 2
Claus-Peter Röh, Journal of the Pedagogical Section 65
Imaginative Capacity as a Response to the Challenges of the Present
With the release of the astral body, the whole structure of the human constitutional elements in the middle school years from classes 6 to 8 is transformed. A new, individually coloured, powerful field of tension arises between two poles of soul experience. The challenge to bring both poles into a reciprocal relationship, to make them interact, becomes an educational balancing act which shapes the process of spiritual, soul and physical rediscovery in the middle school.


The Four Teacher Generations as Exemplified in Foreign Language Teaching
Alain Denjean, Journal of the Pedagogical Section 65
Seen individually, a teacher does not belong to any generation; they belong to themselves
and their work is based on their personal interpretation of Waldorf education and its basis in anthroposophy. But as a colleague in a specific school, they are part of the spiritual profile of that school.


The Attitude and Task of the Teacher
Arlene Cairns, Journal of the Pedagogical Section 65
Enliven imagination, Stand for truth, Feel responsibility (The Foundations of Human Experience, Lecture 14). On closer reading of the foundational texts, we can discover just how significant these words were, and are, for teachers in describing how their attitude and thinking about their task, their students and the school influences the actual task of education.


‘Farewell!’ speech to graduants of the Centre for Creative Education, Cape Town, South Africa
Beulah Tertiens-Reeler, Journal of the Pedagogical Section 65
Dear friends, parents, colleagues and graduants, It is an honour to be here today at your graduation celebration where you stand at the door to a new life as a teacher.


Aspects of Teacher Education
Florian Osswald, Journal of the Pedagogical Section 65
In this second meeting, we worked on the eight fields which had been identified as key
through international feedback, in order to create initial outlines of each field, which we
include in this article.

Upcoming Conferences
11th International Refresher Course Week
12 – 18 April 2019, Kassel/ Germany
Dear colleagues, we would like to invite you to the 11th International Refresher Course at the Kassel Teachers Training College for Waldorf Education (April 12–18, 2019). We are expecting course leaders and participants form over thirty countries. Our aim this year will be to explore both fundamental as well as subject-specic educational goals for Class 12.

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Register now! Waldorf 100 Centenary Conference 'The First Teachers Course'
July 6 - 14, 2019 at the Goetheanum, CH-Dornach
9 days at the Goetheanum during the centenary "Waldorf 100"

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